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  • Enaeria and Drone Bees Announced the Merger of Their Business Operations

    • Enaeria
    10 October2018

    Toronto, ON, Release:  October 10, 2018. For Immediate Release

    Toronto’s Enaeria Inc and Hamilton’s Drone Bees have announced today the planned merger of their business operations to offer a unified aerial photography, inspection, and surveying solution to the enterprise market. Drone Bees will acquire the Enaeria assets, people and customer contracts and the merged business will operate under one umbrella.

    Enaeria, founded in 2015, provides aerial images and ultra accurate surveys that boost productivity, supercharge efficiency, and keep the project on schedule. Its rich heritage in aerial mapping and photogrammetry combined with long-standing partnerships with many construction and surveying companies provide a market leading proposition.

    “Drone Bees offers an exciting opportunity for Enaeria to strengthen and expand its service offering in construction planning and monitoring”, explains Michael Brown, co-founder of Drone Bees. “With a range of expertise and new clients, the acquisition of Enaeria supports the Drone Bees strategy to lead the market & meet the future requirements for Canada’s surveying and mapping industry.”

    Daniel Matzeg, co-founder of Enaeria, also commented: “Drone Bees’ acquisition of Enaeria provides a major growth opportunity for both businesses through an extended service offering for our clients. As organizations begin their transition to a faster, safer and more accurate surveying solution, we will be best positioned to support them on that journey.” 

    The expanded business will serve multiple enterprise and government organizations across the country.

    Drone Bees is an aerial photography, inspection and mapping company in Ontario, Canada. It has been solely focused on aerial photography technology and solutions since the year 2016. Since its inception, Drone Bees’ business and service offering have evolved to meet the unique demands of the dynamic and maturing enterprise market.

    To be the leading UAS technology service provider, Drone Bees has made customer service the central element to everything that it does.

    More information about the services it offers can be found at the companies’ websites:

    A spokesperson for Drone Bees shared that they have already begun combined operations with Enaeria and are looking into a new brand to represent both companies.

    Contact info:
    Name: Michael Brown Organization: Drone Bees
    Address: Cochrane Road, Hamilton, ON, L8K 3G5

    Phone: +1-905-481-0112

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