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  • The Golf Course of The Future, Today

    • Enaeria
    18 October2016

    The Golf Course of The Future TodayFour! We all have yelled it, among other words, on a golf course. Whether you’re out for a laugh or take the game more seriously we all want to do well and get the lowest score possible. With a stroke of luck we find ourselves on the green with the next fun challenge: putting. Some of us crouch down like the pros to get an idea of the slopes between our ball and the hole. An avid golfer can use this information to play the slopes to their advantage to arc the ball into the hole. Unfortunately this is easier said than done and even experienced golfers are challenged.

    Here come the drones.

    With the advancements in drone technology, drones are being used for applications never seen before. You might have started seeing beautiful aerial photography or video of a course. Did you know that drones can now be used to map the topography of a course and more importantly, the greens. Once the raw data is collected it can be post proceed to create a colour coded image that shows the elevation changes and slopes. Having this information not only can help a golfers putting game but help with course management and upkeep.

    Here is another interesting concept. Imagine if you could walk each hole of a golf course while you are still at home, examining and understanding the layout. Well, it’s possible. 3D models of each hole are created and users can zoom, pan, roll around the model to have a detailed understanding of the course before they arrive and are ready to play. This is all possible with the use of data collecting drone technology and post-processing software.

    If you are thinking of scanning your course for these types of applications be sure to contact a drone service company that has the proper certification to operate a drone and adequate insurance as mandated by Transport Canada (Canada) or the Federal Aviation Administration (USA).

    See you in the club house!

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