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  • Short on Time: Behold Quick and Accurate Surveying

    • Enaeria
    16 October2016
    3D computer model created using raw data collected from site scan of neighbourhood.

    Supply delays, legal delays, workforce delays, time is always in short supply in a project. Setting aside a few days for a comprehensive and accurate survey is just another task that eats up time and can further postpone the completion date. When every hour counts, a quick, efficient, and accurate method is extremely valuable.

    With technological advancements the applications of drones has spread to more than just aerial photography. Using post-processing software, which takes the drone photos, GPS coordinates, and orientation metrics, a computer model is created. A drone can survey about 120 acres in about 40 minutes. This is because of the vantage point of the drone as it can see around corners, over elevation peaks, and behind objects.  Further, the data collected enables more detail with multiple orders of magnitude. Instead of say 150 to 200 data points, one survey could include upwards of 10 million data points.

    Once the raw data is processed, a fully navigable 3D model, with centimetre accuracy is created. This model can be used to share information about the project with anyone around the world, to create as-built CAD drawings, to create topographical maps, to analyze drainage, and many more applications.

    Another benefit of obtaining a survey using cutting edge drone technology is that the data collection is less intrusive on site. Work flow does not need to brought to a halt to complete the on-site scan.

    Like all things that sound too good to be true, there is a catch. Operating a UAV can present additional risks which is why Transport Canada (Canada) and The Federal Aviation Administration (USA) have put laws in place to protect the public.  The idea is to make sure that pilots are experienced and properly trained, and that the equipment is certified and adequately insured. Not all self claimed UAV imaging companies abide by these government mandates so be sure to ask to see their certificates before liftoff.

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