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  • Case Study : Drone Survey in Burlington

    • Enaeria
    3 April2017

    What once only existed in sci-fi movies is becoming common place in our modern world.  An example of this is the use of drones for surveying applications.  Imagine creating a fully scaled digital 3D model of your job site that can be used to effortlessly take any measurement you need.  A dream no more, this technology is currently being used by many survey and construction companies already.

    One such company is Adesso Design Inc. located in Hamilton, Ontario.  A leader in the landscape architecturaldesign industry, Adesso creates stunning designs that bring the space to life.  Before a design can begin, a survey of the initial environment is required to accurately assess the project scope and to estimate the cost and timeline.

    While in the initial design stages of landscaping a back yard with the addition of a swimming pool, Adesso partnered with the local surveying company Enaeria Inc. to gain an ‘Elevated Perspective.’ Enaeria specializes in producing accurate drawings and surveys of real world environments using cutting edge drone technology.

    Once a date was set, a fully licensed Enaeria drone pilot collected the aerial survey information of the property. This process took less than an hour on site! Back in the office, the survey information was converted into a dense point cloud. This is a collection of several million data points that make up a 3D model of the property. From this model, any measurement, elevation, slope, volume, or surface area can be taken.

    What would take a traditional land surveyor several hours on site to collect only a fraction of the information, drone technology can produce in record time.

    See more about Adesso Design Inc. and their architecture work at
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