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  • Drone Services Company Gives Back to Community

    • Enaeria
    6 April2017

    I often reflect back on my childhood. I remember begging my parents for years to enroll me in organized hockey. I was fortunate enough to play my first season of ice hockey when I was 10 years old for the Richmond Hill Sharks. Even though I was just a little boy and it being almost 20 years ago, the memories I have of that season and the seasons to follow will be with me for the rest of my life.

    Unfortunately, this is not the case for a lot of your Canadians. Ice hockey is one of the most expensive sports to get into and also required a lot of dedication from parents or guardians, and other family members to make the trips to the rink, especially at the 7am Sunday practices. As the Co-founder and Regional Director of Enaeria Inc., I believe it is important to do our part in making ice hockey more accessible to all Canadians.

    This past winter season I volunteered my time to be the head coach of a house-league Atom division team known around the league as McDonalds Silver. We bonded quickly and shared a number of laughs. In the 5th week there was a player trade meeting (also known as league balancing) and I was happy to walk out of the meeting without losing any of our kids to another team. Our team did not win a lot of games and we finished 7th in an 8 team league but made some noise in the playoffs and won our championship game 2-1 with 3 seconds left in overtime!

    I look forward to seeing everyone again next October and wish all the kids on my team the best summer break. We Eat Silver Burgers!

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