Where are you located?

We have offices in Toronto and Hamilton and are able to work on projects anywhere in Ontario.

How fast and how high can you fly?

Our fastest drone is rated for 72 km/h. However, we usually fly no more than 35 km/h to obtain useful results. We are currently able to fly as high as 120 metres (400 feet) above ground level as outlined in our SFOC issued by Transport Canada. We are able to fly higher should a particular application arise.

How long can your drone stay in the air?

Any unmanned aerial vehicle is limited by atmospheric conditions. We realistically see flight times of about 20 to 22 minutes. However, with a quick battery swap we can be flying all day long.

What weather conditions are you able to fly in?

We prefer a sunny day with minimal wind. Our equipment is able to fly in winds of upwards of 30 km/h winds and at temperatures between -10˚C to 40˚C. Also, in winter we monitor the dew point to ensure no ice builds up on the propeller blades (effecting flight stability).

Are you flying legally? Do you have insurance?

We work closely and have a working relationship with Transport Canada. We currently have an Ontario wide licence (SFOC) to operate a drone anywhere in Ontario. We also carry $2 million in liability insurance which we increase as needs arise.

Can you fly indoors?

Yep. Our equipment is state of the art when it comes to flight stability and control. As long as there is sufficient room to maneuver the aircraft we are able to fly.

Survey and Mapping

How accurate are your surveys?

On a local scale, we have achieved accuracy as precise as ±4mm. On a global scale we are limited by the GPS receivers to 1.5cm to 3cm in both the horizontal and vertical direction.

How long would it take to survey 60 acres?

We collect raw data of an area this size in roughly 20 minutes. This does not include the time needed to obtain our three to seven ground control points for the project.

What if there are trees on the property?

We operate the drone in a way to best look under any foliage. A few trees is not a problem. In denser areas we mitigate the issue by operating in the spring or late fall. You can only survey what you can see so a dense forest would not be an ideal environment to use a drone.

Can you establish property boundaries?

No. Boundaries can only be established by members registered as an Ontario Land Surveyor (OLS). However, we can scan a property including the boundary and work with OLSs to add a boundary into our scan.

Visual Inspections

How close can you get to a surface?

We have collision sensors mounted on the front of our drones that detect objected within 9 metres of the aircraft. Further, the aircraft is pre-programmed to not allow the drones to fly closer than 1.5 metres.

How can I view the inspection?

During the inspection we take HD photography and can record 4k video. We can also record  video at a frame rate of 120 fps (at 1080p). The heads-up display means that the inspection can be viewed live or re-watched at a later time. If there is a fast internet connection the inspection can be watched live from anywhere in the world.

What deliverables can I expect?

We can provide you with a variety of deliverables. Along with HD photography or 4k video, we can provide 3D Models of the structure we are inspecting and use it to obtain various geometric measurements such as the length of a crack or the area of rust.

What resolution can I expect?

We shoot HD photography with a 20.2 MP camera. We can record video with 4k resolution at 30 frames/second or 1080p at up to 120 frames/second.

Construction Monitoring

Can construction continue during the drone flight?

Absolutely. The drone operates over the construction site and can perform its duty without interrupting work flow. Due to the large collection of raw data, the results will be minimally effected by the ongoing work.

What results can I expect?

There is a wide range of results you can expect depending on the scope of the project. We can provide periodic scans following the same flight plan to illustrate the changes on site with time. We can create 3D models of the site to obtain geometric measurements such as distance, slope, and volume. We can provide a high resolution orthomosaic image(stitched together images) which shows the entire site but has the resolution needed when 'zooming in' at the photo. We can record video to track how a process is completed. We are able to provide results in any format required for the unique project.

Is the drone safe?

When operated by a trained pilot with the proper documentation, absolutely. We often find that obtaining the results our clients are after are actually safe to obtain via drone technology in comparison to conventional methods.

Volumetric Calculations

What is the accuracy of your volume calculations?

We have performed an internal study and have found that our error is less than 1%.

How large of a volume can you calculate?

As large of a volume of material you have.

Can you measure the volume of material removed (cut)?

Yes, we can measure the amount of material removed from a site (cut).

How quickly can you tell me the volume of my material pile?

With an adequate internet connection, we can provide an estimate within 30 minutes. For even higher accuracy we would likely need 1-2 business days.

Can you tell me how the volumes of piles change over time?

Yes. We can perform scans periodically and overlay the computer model to calculate the difference in volume.

As-Built Drawings

How does a drone help create an as-built drawing?

The drone is purely used as a data collection tool. We process the data to create a high resolution 3D computer model of the environment. We then use this model to generate the as-built drawing.

What can you create an as-built drawing of?

Anything that has distance features. This includes buildings, bridges, rooftops, construction site progress, towers, columns, dams, etc.

What if the object is a complex shape?

If it can be seen from the perspective of the drone, it can be modeled, and an as-built drawing can be created.

Real Estate

What is the resolution of your camera?

We have both a 12MP camera and a 20.2 MP camera for taking still photography. We can also record video with 4k resolution (at 24 or 30 frames/second) or 1080p resolution (at 30, 60, or 120 frames/second).

Do you provide anything other than photos and videos?

We can provide an extensive list of deliverables for the real estate industry. We can create topographical mapping of large plots of land for drainage concerns. We can also build a 3D model of the building to show to perspective buyers/investors from a remote location.

What is the benefit of using drones in real estate?

Drones provide a unique perspective that cannot be achieved in any other way. It gives your property an advantage over the competition and helps attract buyers/investors.

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