As Built Drawings

Create As-Built ​Drawings Like Never Before

Creating as-built drawings it a daunting and tedious task to complete.

We work directly with our clients to develop a work plan to create the as-built drawing that is required.


Some applications include: buildings structures, construction sites, rooftops, land development, bridges, retaining walls, dams, and culverts.

We collected the raw data needed for an as-built drawing usually in less than 20 minutes. This is regardless of the complex shape of the structure.


After the raw data is collected, we process the data to build a 3D point cloud and then project the model onto a 2D plane. This is the as-built that we deliver to you. The process is illustrated on the above image.

If requested, we can create and deliver a wide range of additional results, including:
  • 3D Point Cloud Data
  • Dimension, Volume, and various other geometric measurements
  • We can repeat the process periodically to show change over time

After analysis, we provide both hard copy and soft copy reports. We also provide a complementary in-person presentation to your staff outlining the project and the results obtained.

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