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Construction Monitoring

Keeping Money in your Pocket and Time on your Side

  • Keep an eye on your site
  • Know exactly what is happening with your work
  • Document the progress
  • Report to the executives
  • Have peace of mind

We are highly motivated to aid the development of and ensure successful projects.

Construction work is an ongoing project for a substantial period of time. We pride ourselves on being readily accessible and available. Communication is key and we invite our clients to remain in close contact with us throughout the project.

We work with you on various commercial and residential development, including: shopping malls, manufacturing facilities, community centres, sport complexes, golf courses, and more!

Throughout the project we can fly our drone over the site at regular intervals to measure the progress of the project and identify parameters to aid in on-going decision making.


Construction is a time sensitive matter and within minutes of our flight we provide you with the raw imagery we collect.

We also perform analysis and provide:
  • Volume, and Change in Volume Measurements
  • Slope, and Change in Slope Measurements
  • Relative and Global Position of Points of Interest
  • 3D Point Cloud Data
  • Topography Mapping
  • And More, Just Ask!

After our analysis is complete, we provide both hard copy and soft copy reports. We also provide a complimentary presentation of our work and the results obtained.

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