Getting the Right Shot

Performing inspections is a crucial, but often difficult, task to complete.

We work directly with our clients to develop a work plan to perform the specific inspection required.



Some applications include: bridges, retaining walls, dams, culverts, buildings structures, infrastructure, machinery construction sites, river beds, wildlife, and more.

Our drones are precise and are able to maintain a fixed position. Our drones can slowly and accurately be re-positioned to provide various perspectives.

Our drones can be operated indoors or outdoors and can reach even the hard to reach areas.

We can provide a live video feed of the inspection to multiple viewers. Viewers can be on site, in the office, or anywhere they have an internet connection.

We can complete inspections of about 20 minutes in length, depending on atmospheric conditions. If you require longer inspections, we can continue with a quick battery swap.


After the inspection, we can provide all the photo and/or video imagery captured within minutes. If requested, we can process this data to create and deliver a wide range of results, including:

After analysis, we provide both hard copy and soft copy reports. We also provide a complementary in-person presentation to your staff outlining the project and the results obtained.

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