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  • Solar Panel Companies Are Looking to Drones for a Complaint Advance

    • Enaeria
    12 April2017

    Many Canadians are taking advantage of the financial and environmental benefits of installing solar panels on their roof.  With this large increase in demand for solar panel installations, many solar panel companies are popping up to fill the market.  This area is becoming a very competitive industry and solar panel companies are now looking to drones to gain a competitive advantage.

    During the roof eligibility and design phase, several measurements of the existing structure have to be taken to ensure the panels do not block vents, windows, or exhausts.  Along with the difficulty of measuring irregular shaped roof features the design process can start to become very cumbersome.  Traditionally, a worker is sent up on the roof to manually take the measurements.  Not only is this dangerous, if any measurement is missed they would have to go back again for further verifications. ​

    Solar panel companies are looking to drones for a complaint advance

    How can a drone solve this?

    A drone is used to collect images of the roof instead of sending a worker on the roof.  The drone images are used to generate a 3D model of the roof that can easily be used to acquire all the necessary measurements.  From here the solar panel companies have all the information they need to ensure the design will bring the most energy without interfering with existing roof features.  Drones provide a much safer alternative, and do it in a fraction of the time.

    Click the link below for more information on how drones are used for measurement applications:

    As-built drawings VISUAL INSPECTIONS
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